Anti-Graffiti & Scratch Resistant Window Films

A cost effective alternative to replacing glass

Anti Grafitti film 300x199 Anti Graffiti & Scratch Resistant Window FilmsVandal resistant window film

Graffiti and vandalism by scratching is unsightly and expensive to fix. It takes just a few seconds to ‘tag’ glazing but enormous effort to rectify it, especially if it’s structural glass. Offensive writing on your shop front can be detrimental to your company’s image, and obscenities carved into public transport glass are unsightly and sometimes intimidating.

anti vandalism film 300x199 Anti Graffiti & Scratch Resistant Window FilmsAnti-graffiti film provides invisible protection for glass, marble, stainless steel and other polished surfaces. Anti-graffiti film is a sacrificial layer designed to be removed after vandalism. It is spray paint and acid resistant and provides excellent protection from scratches and gouges providing cost effective protection for expensive polished surfaces.


  • public transport
  • washroom mirrors
  • schools
  • community centres
  • ground floor windows
  • high traffic areas

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