Solar Control Window Film

Upgrade Your Windows & Save Money

solar control film Solar Control Window FilmSolar Control Window Film

  • 96% U.V. Rejected
  • 83% Glare Reduction
  • 78% Reduction In Heat Gain
  • 30% Improvement On Glass Insulation
  • 15% Saving On Buildings Energy Costs
  • 8 C Reduction In Room Temperature
  • ROI = 3 YEARS

tinted window film Solar Control Window FilmOur Reflective Solar Control Film helps to control comfortable working temperatures in your premises, reflecting excess heat and reducing glare from the sun.

The film also improves the overall appearance of your building, creating a stylish and uniform image across the total glass area of your premises at a fraction of the cost you might expect.

Solar control films help to cut energy consumption of air conditioning, making
savings for companies in both direct energy
costs and the Climate Change Levy.


  • offices
  • leisure centres
  • municipal buildings
  • conservatories
  • schools/colleges
  • hospitals

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