Safety Window Film

Does your premises comply with Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992?

safety windowfilm 300x200 Safety Window FilmLow-level Glazing Safety

From the first of January 1996 unprotected glazing in high risk areas of your workplace may well be illegal, according to the Health & Safety Regulations 1992, (Regulation 14)

From this date onwards glazing must be made safe where there is vulnerable glass in Critical (working or public areas, i.e. waist height in glazed screens and shoulder height in doors).

safety film illustration 300x158 Safety Window FilmHowever there is one simple and cost effective way to ensure that you are prepared for the future, without the drastic expense of fitting laminated safety glass.

Critical locations are defined as: Glass in doors or side panels that begin within 1500mm of finished floor level and, glass in walls or partitions that begin within
800mm of finished floor level.


  • schools/colleges
  • hospitals
  • health centres
  • offices
  • community centres
  • internal windows

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